Innovative Ideas


We are develoing products and services that utilize wireless networks to provide connectivity for machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications to make your business fast & easy with innovative solutions.

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Mobile Sales & Distribution Systems (MSDS) serves its customers with a wide range of products and services, from decision support software in the head-office to the hand-held computer applications of a field sales representative, in Mobile Sales-Distribution Practices.

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Mobile Business Management “Mobile Informatics Applications” are increasing their share in total informatics investments today on which global economy’s competitive pressure is being felt more intensively day by day.

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It has become important for companies especially upon the fact that transfers of goods and materials between companies and countries have become faster as a result of effects of the rapid globalization process experienced across the world and costs in logistic processes have become more significant.

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We are collecting data from your machines with the benefits of IoT technology and Indusrty 4.0 standards. Platforms are compatible with well known IoT platforms like Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, SAP Hanah, IBM Bluemix if you prefer. Monitor your production from beginning to end on a dashboard of your mobile.

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Innovative IoT Solutions for Smart Cities. Smart Parking, Smart Lighting, Waste Collection Management, Smart Metering, Digital Signage & Technologies for Disabled People etc.

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More About Us

nestle“Nestle Sales and Distribution Perfection Project” was completed with installations and trainings performed in Nestle head office and 64 Nestle Distributors.

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viledaVileda which is one of the most important brands of FHP group with 60 years of experience and brand image, selected Quest Panorama for collection of info…

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Kimberly-Clark_logo.svgWorld’s giant company which does manufacture in 38 countries including Turkey and selling in 150 countries decided to work with UniveraSade  in storage…

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nivea_logo_v2Univera has been serving many companies on mobile sales distribution for 22 years, gained one more project. As one of the leading companies in skin care…

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Do&CoThe very fast warehouse circulation of DO&CO is now under control with the warehouse and inventory control solution StokBar Panorama. This new tool gives controlled…

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philipsPhilips, whose worldwide history exceeds 100 years, Turkey uses Univera’s systems to manage all sales & merchandizing actions completed completed by..

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Who We Are ?

Univera is an international solutions company that helps business with a total command in their daily operations. As the leader in mobile business solutions, we deliver unparalleled solutions for sales and distribution, warehouse and logistics and business management. Our Panorama Platform harnesses the world’s leading organizations in sales and distribution, warehousing and manufacturing, supplier and logistics together. Powered with dynamic reporting tools our solutions help our users to make better and faster business decisions and thrive in competition.

With more than 140 employees, Univera develops solutions especially for sales and distribution, logistic systems, labelling applications and other AD/DC technologies. All these solutions are available both for all national and international customers through direct and channel sales and support coverage. Univera solutions empowers business users and decision makers in 22 countries.

SADE GROUP develops products and services that utilize wireless networks to provide connectivity for machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

SADE Group of Companies’ products and services connect; “things”, beacons, machines, equipment and vehicles over wireless networks to build; telematics and automotive applications, tracking and tracing, remote-metering, payment systems, healthcare, retail, vending, security systems, remote maintenance and control and more solutions. SADE helps clients empower remote workforces with solutions that deliver seamless connectivity and access to information from smart devices, sensors, RFID tags, and numerous other assets.

SADE’s advanced mobile enabling technology helps clients execute their communications strategies efficiently and profitably.
by using; RFID, WiFi, Bluetooth/Bluetooth Low Energy, NFC, and ZigBee wireless technologies.


UniveraSade Europe BV
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1013 BX Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone : +31 20 419 07 79
Fax      : +31 20 419 50 96